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Plate Washing Brush With Liquid Dispenser Scrubber Multifunctional Kitchen Dish Pot Washing Sponge Lazy Cleaner Household


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Features: 1, a wide range of uses, can wash different places, tiles, dishes, laundry pots, stoves, hoods, sinks, bathtubs and so on. 2, automatically add liquid: open the lid into the detergent, gently press to clean, convenient and fast, not the mainstay. 3, high quality brush: high quality nylon brush, moderate hardness, no scratches after use, not easy to deform, strong detergency can be used with a variety of detergents. 4, transparent handle: transparent add liquid handle, you can clearly see the amount, brush pot, dishwashing, washing essence automatically flow out, more convenient, stove, range hood more grease, while the brush edge detergent automatically overflows. Specification: Size: Handle: 24*3cm Brush head: 7.5*3.5cm Sponge 9*5.5cm Material: PP + sponge + nylon Package includes: 1. Wash brush pot * 1 2 .Wash brush pot * 1+ Sponge * 1 3. Wash brush pot * 1+ Sponge * 2 4. Wash brush pot * 1+ Sponge * 3 5. Wash brush pot * 1+ Sponge * 2+ Brush head*1

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