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One shot and one push: the sheets are neat and do not fall off, and the buckles are installed and firmly fixed.
Stylish appearance, four-claw buckle, fixed load-bearing capacity, easy installation, universal bed type, sturdy PC.
It can withstand a pulling force of 30kg.
Four claws, 360° bite.
Four-step installation: tear off the adhesive film, stick it on the edge of the bed, cover the buckle with a sheet, and then fix it with the sheet buckle.
Note: The bed sheet bracket must be pasted on the bed board, not on the mattress.
Product name: Sheet rack (a set of 6 pieces)
Specification: White box
Size: 4.3 * 4.3 * 1.4cm
Material: PC
Color: green, white, pink, transparent
Weight: 85 grams
List: Sheet Fixer*6

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