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50g/bag Strong Drain Cleaners Pipe Dredging Agent Kitchen Water Pipe Sewer Toilet Closes Tool Cleaning Deodorant Drain Cleaner


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50g/bag Powerful Sink Drain Cleaners Pipe Dredging Agent Kitchen Toilet And Sewer blocking Clean Deodorant Dredge

Product Name: Pipe dredging powder

Material: Sodium hydroxide & Sodium silicate

Size: 10.5 x 10mm

Applicable space: bathroom, kitchen, sewer


1. 1-2 packs (50g-100g) can be used in the case of pipe blockage, and only 1 pack/time (50g) for daily cleaning;

2. Pour into the product and pour 300ml of warm water around 40 °C. The water temperature is prohibited above 60 °C.

3. Use a large amount of hot water for 1 hour to flush until the pipe is clear. If it is still not clear, please repeat steps 1-2 to achieve the dredging effect.

Special note: If the blockage is serious and the water level exceeds the drain, please remove some water first to ensure that the dredging powder can fully react and dissolve in the pipeline and sludge.

Safe use

1.Do not directly touch the skin and take it orally, children should not be close!

2. Do not use other dredged materials and chemicals before and after using this product. This product is not suitable for aluminum products.

3.This product is safe and stable when exposed to normal temperature water and cold water. When it encounters high water temperature, it will react violently, and its solubility and temperature will increase rapidly.

At this time, please pay attention to safety and take measures to prevent splashing.

4.This product may continue to affect the blockage, please wait patiently after u


Product features: quick and effective, easy to use. Experiments and a large number of buyer feedbacks are good for dredging.

Main use: Suitable for kitchen, balcony, bathroom, toilet, etc. It can quickly disintegrate and block the grease, hair, vegetable leaves, tea leaves, pet hair, human waste, toilet paper, kitchen garbage and other blockages on the inner wall of the pipe. Keep the drain open.

Package Included:

1 x Drain Cleaners


Due to hand measure, the size may have 1-2 cm error.

Due to Different Monitor, the color may have difference.

Due to long shipping, the item may damage in transit, if the item damage, pls contact us firstly immediately before leave feedback, thanks for your understanding.

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